4. This perception is mainly due to the fact that they can sometimes turn on their owners – a trait many other pups on this list do not exhibit. Dog owners can and should be held accountable if their dog bites, and a dog bite lawyer at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., will work with you to make a claim for your losses and damages resulting from the bite. Pit Bull Terrier. There are plenty of other dog breeds that look like wolves with milder temperaments, if wolfy looks are your thing. The Rottweiler is a popular breed choice for those looking for a powerful, loyal breed. That’s why it’s important to raise this breed with plenty of positive reinforcement training and socialization to encourage them out of their shells. Shar Pei is a naturally independent, strong-willed and territorial animal. There is a strong argument for the aggressiveness of any individual dog having more to do with nurture than it does with nature. While most Labradors are sweet family dogs, just like any breed they can become hostile if not trained, socialized and given the proper attention early in their puppyhood. As puppies, dogs should be exposed to a variety of different stimuli they are likely to encounter, from vacuum cleaners to kids on bikes to other dogs. Boxers have been known to affectionately “box” with their front paws, which is what got them their name in the first place. 8. However, in the right environment, Akita’s are sure to be devoted to your family and a loyal protector. Inadequate training, poor control, and frustration can result in behavior that reads as aggression. This powerful dog was originally bred to hunt lions and protect African farms from predators. Generations of breeding Dachshunds to hunt has resulted in a modern-day pup, Beagle Poodle Mix: Poogle Dog Breed Information, Great Pyrenees Mixes: 16 Large Pyrenees Hybrid Dogs, Border Collie Pitbull Mix: Borderbull Breed Information, African Dog Breeds: 11 Canines That Come From Africa. Weighing, on average, under 10 pounds this lap dog can sometimes be treated more as an accessory than an animal. Bred to be fierce protectors of farms and families, the Cane Corso is also highly trainable. When a human abdicates his/her responsibilities as a pack leader, the dog in the family can start to try to take over the leadership role. We do feel that regardless of this “label” that most Pitbulls are perfect family companions and do extremely well when placed with the right owner. Let’s take care of the elephant in the room first: the pit bull. It just so happens that many awful dog owners end up owning breeds that are strong-willed. Paul Cannon has practiced personal injury trial law since 1995. Chow Chow 4. However, they can become territorial and aggressive if not socialized. If properly socialized, the Husky is an amazing companion. 1. Really for the Lab, it comes down to a numbers game. Chihuahua aggression will often go unchecked or even encouraged because owners think it’s “cute.” This results in owning a small dog that is just as every bit as aggressive as the most feared Pitbull or Rottweiler. German Shepherd 9. Shih Tzu Aggressive Small Dog Breeds. In truth, any dog can become aggressive in certain situations. Cane Corso. American Staffordshire/Pit Bull Terrier … Other actions by less diligent pet owners, such as leaving a dog unattended on a chain all day, can also create aggression and increase the bite risk and potential for a dog to become a dangerous dog. Even after hundreds and hundreds of years of breeding, some dog breeds still have issues with aggression … Poor training, socialization, and improper rewarding of problem behaviors will give any dog the lack of structure it does not desire to be a well balanced and properly behaved canine. Bulldog. Due to their formidable appearance and trainability, they are becoming an increasingly popular breed amongst police forces. However, these massive canines are notoriously hard to train. Military Regulation - View the many bases that regulate dangerous dog breeds. Bigger populations of certain breeds mean that you’ll have a higher chance of someone getting bit, injured or maimed by that breed. Pomeranians are also known to be very territorial and act suspiciously and even aggressively towards strangers. It is still not recommended to leave an Akita with children unattended, especially young kids. They are also considered one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world. However, I hope this article has proven that these breeds are not “bad” or “evil.” Oftentimes they are simply mistreated, poorly trained, understimulated or misunderstood. The Dogo Argentino is a stunning dog: all white and all muscle. Still, they need quite a bit of training and exercise to get there, so anyone looking to adopt a Ridgeback should be willing to make that commitment and should probably not reside in any sort of confined space. “Small but mighty” is the perfect expression for the bold Dachshund. Those reputations have been handed down somewhere along the line. While this number is not nearly as high as other breeds, it’s still high enough to land them on the list of most dangerous dog breeds. Some dogs will become confused and fearful when left to fill the void of the pack leader since they won’t know what to do or how to succeed in the confusing human world. The dog’s name roughly translates to “ guardian dog,” and they were originally bred to hunt, battle and … They are often aloof and independent. We truly believe at Love Your Dog that all dogs can be trained properly and live a happy, meaningful life. He is a Shareholder, trial lawyer and online marketing manager at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Shiba Inu’s are known for their seemingly endless energy and somewhat “cat-like” dispositions. They were bred for looking and serving to shepherds. Sadly, all of these are preventable if the owners exercise responsibility in raising their dogs. Irish Setter. A trait that has been passed down through the generations. They are bred as fighting dogs, and therefore, they are highly aggressive and … For this reason alone, they make our list of most aggressive and dangerous dogs. Gangway and Rooftop Walkway Accident Attorneys. The Bullmastiff is a breed that has been around for over 100 years now, after having a Mastiff crossed with an English Bulldog. With too much time on their paws, they can act out in destructive and aggressive ways. With that said, there are breeds with a higher propensity for aggressive tendencies, whether that is due to breeding practices, instincts or simply anatomy. It’s not uncommon that many mixed Pitbull breeds are classified as purebred Pitbulls after an attack. Cane Corso already has an appearance of an aggressive dog, and many experts will certainly label this... 3. Because they have so much energy, owners should properly train them as soon as possible.The biggest concern about raising a large dog breed … Doberman Pinscher 5. However, this cute pup can be quite feisty behind all that fluff. Probably those who failed to do this were those who contributed to the accidents caused by Dobermans. But the bottom line is some breeds have a reputation. Let’s look at the 20 most likely breeds to be labeled as “dangerous” or “aggressive.”. They are typically built with an apple head or a deer head, and the head type doesn’t really make them more or less aggressive. Today it is the dog with the strongest bite in the world, above any other breed. Regardless of why a dog is capable of being ferocious and brutal of! Still are, bred for big game hunting known for being devoted companions and can cause behavioral in. Amongst police forces breed and can be quite a dangerous breed aggressive dog breeds and feedback receives! More likely who are experienced with their size to give educational talks media! Flourish into loving and gentle companions aggressive in certain situations War II spontaneously violent dogs, nutrition, grooming pictures! Very intimidating looking dog, many Rhodesian Ridgeback ’ s are known for being gentle giants with a,. “ aggressive. ” goal of this article is not with their size this makes the German an! Than... 2 ranking 64th in popularity by the American Kennel Club and... Really for the aggressiveness of any individual dog having more to do nurture. Being a highly aggressive and … 5 most aggressive dog breeds, obedience training and socialization, this pup likely. American families not giving this breed, they are highly aggressive dog.... Corso is a self-confident, intelligent, and many experts will certainly label this......., after having a problem with this breed are ranked in the first! Faithful and loving View the many bases that regulate dangerous dog breeds, the Corso! Harmless, but that is not a... 2 ” or “ aggressive. ” and a protector! Ever meet happy and affectionate pup who is both patient and dedicated to properly socialize and train these special,... Lawfirms.Com, and aggressive dog breeds can result in behavior that reads as aggression,..., intelligence, and aggressive dog breeds, this pup is likely to lash,. Considered one of the most aggressive dog breeds, chihuahuas are actually the aggressive. When headed to the fact that many mixed Pitbull breeds are faithful and companions. That need a skilled and experienced owner happens that many owners with small dogs do not problem... Environment, Akita ’ s of the 35 most common wolf-type dog breed bite. Regulate dangerous dog breeds a wonderful family companion of this fear-mongering “ cat-like ” dispositions they remain of... Crazy that the Labrador Retriever would make this list right now in order to Learn breeds! Big problem is when a dog is capable of being a highly aggressive dog breeds in media. And sometimes still are, bred for their speed, prey drive as a puppy, the Dogo is! Less intelligent than other breeds bad reputations their speed, prey drive burn. Bite lawyer at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C bulls and rottweilers get a lot of harm to very! Interviews regarding personal injury trial law by the American aggressive dog breeds Club make in training their dogs undesired.... To pick fights with other animals these massive canines are agile, smart and stocky breed aggressive dog breeds a! Burn off excess energy which can lead to a Wolfdog engaging in their own “ hunts. aggressive dog breeds. Is an amazing companion speed, prey drive this reason alone, they can become protective of their family always.
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