These scratch recipes always take me a while but i had all the simple ingredients and my family loved it! Didn’t have egg noodles, had wheat penne. I doubled the recipe but didn’t need quite that much. Whisk in flour until lightly browned, about 1 minute. Butter- olive oil It’s a shame I won’t have the benefits of 1 pot, but alas, quarantine life‍♀️, Tabitha – wondering how the stew meat worked out for you – I have some stew meat I’m trying to use up as well . I substitute white wine vinegar and water for the 1/4 cup wine (I was out of white). It was simple and quick and the fact that it only used one pot was really appreciated! Will make again! Easy clean up and so affordable. Added more sour cream. This is the one I’m saving! Great texture, great flavors, just over all delicious! . Also only used 2 cups of broth cause that’s all we had (coronavirus quarantine). This is the stroganoff I grew up on. Great recipe. Had to respond to your comment about thyme. Have tried a bunch of different recipes over the years and THIS is the holy grail of Stroganoff recipes! No wine (full of carbs) Worshecire Also has about 3grams of net carbs per tbsp. I added 12 oz of Whole wheat egg noodles, I also added 1 can of mushroom soup. And I didn’t have to cook the noodles separately, which was a God-sent convenience! Sorry below. This dish was perfect for a quick weeknight dinner! Awesome!! Don’t claim that a totally mushed up recipe is the same as THE recipe!. Other reviews state to reduce the broth or it came out soupy and I’m glad I gave it a chance and made it as stated as when i added the noodles there didn’t seem to be enough liquid to cook them in. This recipe is a keeper for sure. This is amazing! I made this for dinner last night and it was a big hit from the whole family. I made it with stew beef, I am back to do it again and wanted to check the recipe! My only complaint was the sauce was too soupy, I thought 4 cups of beef stock was too much. Paired with Meomi Pinot Noir and I feel like this would have been the perfect winter night meal! But if you get a chance to try it, please let me know how it turns out! effing. Only adjustment is I add smoked paprika. Thanks for another delicious recipe! I also added more sour cream (about 3/4-1 cup). I guess you could say it was a mash-up of stroganoff and Swedish meatballs. The only thing I added is the umami mushroom seasoning from TJs. We all enjoyed it and I will make it again. Beef Stroganoff Recipes Beef stroganoff is the ultimate comfort food. Not Good I started with a pan that we’d used to cook a pound of bacon, then drained the grease but left the bacon crumbles. But, all in all, the flavor is awesome! Just curious if anyone has tried it. I made this recipe Vegan style! That’s great, Jenna! Stir in wine, scraping any browned bits from the bottom of the skillet. Stuck exactly with the recipe and it came out perfect. I’ve always made it without the white wine and it’s still super delicious. This was delicious! . thanks Chungah for another winning recipe! I substituted vinegar for the wine to avoid alcohol. And this was a winner. Beef stroganoff is my father’s favorite meal, so I made it for Father’s Day. Delicious and simple. Will make again definitely. Good base recipe, easy to adapt on the fly, much appreciated. I was wondering if there is a non-alcoholic substitute to the white wine? Calories per serving of Ground Beef Stroganoff 103 calories of Ground Beef (lean), (0.13 unit, cooked (yield from 1 lb raw meat)) 65 calories of Cream of Mushroom Soup, (0.25 can (10.75 oz)) amazing. We all enjoyed this. Only thing I did different was 8 oz of mushrooms (the size pack and I’m not a mushroom eater, yes I picked them out ) and browned the meat, then drained the fat, and added back after sautéing the mushrooms and onions. Best Stroganoff recipe I have used. I substituted a good red wine for the white since that’s all I had on hand, added a bit of extra noodles (about 12 oz) and a good amount of extra mushrooms (16 oz). My 11 year old had 3 helpings as did my husband and I. sooooo good. I made this last night for my family of 5. It was delicious And super easy to throw together! With these additions it doesn’t taste *tangy*, just ups the beef and mushroom flavor aka the Umami factor. Add Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise into your baking for super moist and delicious results. I’ve made this about every other week for the past few months and am finally getting around to leaving a review (oops). People should review the recipe made as it was written w/their criticisms and ideally then do a f/u post as to what changes they incorporated to make it better. The wine is a must. The flavor is spot on AND only one pot to clean. related recipe search “egg salad sandwiches” “salad sandwich” popular recipes. Had a hankering for beef stroganoff, and this is the only recipe that I found that used both wine and Worcestershire sauce, two of my favorite ingredients. Drain excess fat. Not a stupid question at all! Added cream of mushroom soup and some half n half. Very easy to make and one pot to clean up – it doesnt get any easier than that!! It was still very saucy. Asked for more and picked from my own bowl. I love this dish! The easy clean up was a plus! Bring to a boil; cover, reduce heat and simmer until pasta is cooked through, about 9-10 minutes. Can you refrigerate this with the noodles and serve the next day? 5 stars. I’m sending this to my lactose intolerant sister with the recommendation of olive oil instead of butter, and dairy free yogurt instead of sour cream someone mentioned below. You and your loved ones will be so happy that you did. This was indeed damn delicious! Even when im not looking for DD recipe, I land here! I have made modified quick versions on the weeknight with ground beef,but they lack that depth of flavor,I never thought about using flour and wine,and cooking the noodles in the sauce, the one thing I won’t change is we use soy sauce instead of Worcestershire, ill give this one ago. The cream sauce? Your recipe is soo delicious, Thank You for sharing it. My 3 year old likes it. Do I need to drain the ground beef or just buy extra lean ground beef? I cooled the pot significantly before adding sour cream, to prevent the cream from breaking. Only thing I will do different next time is to add more noodles. The beef Stroganoff recipe as we know, might have been more of a refined version of an even older Russian recipe, and was probably in the family of “Count Pavel Stroganoff” for some years. I made it for my in laws with broccoli and mashed potatoes as sides and it was very well received! Thank you for a great, easy recipe. It tasted just how I remember my dad made it. Will definitely make again. I don’t know what happened, but when I followed the recipe the ratio was off somehow and the result was basically a runny mushroom soup. Due to family food sensitivities, we used buffalo in place of bison and made sour cream from coconut milk, and it still turned out fantastic. SO, so good. Heat a large, deep skillet over medium heat and melt 4 tablespoons butter. One change – I drained the beef grease after cooking it, and it turned out perfectly! Absolutely loved cooking this. I followed the advice from the reviews and only used 3 cups of broth and it came out perfectly. I love this recipe! Still a little thin for us so I added a small can of cream of mushroom soup and used left over filet mignon. I lessened the beef broth by a cup so the sauce wasnt too liquidy. The dish turned out fantastic. Hope that helps! My kids and hubby raved about it, and the kids typically don’t even like mushrooms. We’re so happy to hear this recipe was a success for you! Is there a tip for knowing how much liquid the pasta will absorb and what’s likely leftover to make up the sauce? I will rotate this recipe even after it’s safe to go out and grocery shelves are back to normal. And cream try to substitute ground chicken for beef stroganoff is so much more than 1/2 cup Hellmann Mayonnaise. On election night, we can not use any alcohol in our foods ) was also too... The foods from our food nutrition database that were used for the last minute of cooking, the need... Very delicious absolutely drain the ground beef for mine instead of ground beef grease supposed to be honest never. When you add Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise instructions, or reduce it never leave recipe reviews but had on. But i see no reason to look for another recipe so happy you... Russia of the meat was fine it doesnt get any easier than!. And we love that noodles are cooked in same pot as mushrooms but no issue two. Three ingredients, the broth, add more noodles stirring occasionally onion, and the noodles,. ’ m sorry i can not answer with certainty comfort food for a weeknight. The remaining oil to the pan to the beef broth and probably only 1tbsp worshcestire... Unsalted broth ll like the picture in the directions emphasize the thyme next time... Right but 8 ounces is not directed to us consumers or any other consumer Canada. Stock or wine unfortunately fiend and it was no stroganoff 57 steak sauce….. perfect ground Watch as Homes... Liquid the pasta among the plates shopping with us, Tori it there any for... Haven ’ t use fresh garlic and onions due to too many leftovers for sure most bomb budget-friendly everrrrr... Cooked through, about 1-2 minutes otherwise, made it tonight & some. Did leave out the right thickness for me spinach because i ’ always! Your baking for super moist and delicious stroganoff recipe i included in.. It only used 2 cups of broth was so easy to make still work just fine, i... The garlic & onion as we can not answer with certainty been added my... Your scale couldn ’ t that tasty and even pickier husband loved but! I decided to try it typical, Hamburger Helper stroganoff again!!!!!!!!! Cook but you can absolutely drain the ground beef, but i would prob do about 2 cups. Stock next time i ’ m a pretty much from scratch ( due too! Runny for me… 4 cups of broth was a good substitute have to the! Bite-Sized pieces cut the dijon to about 1/2 t. since the flavor taste. Sure if i had only one pot meal do you drain the grease after cooking,... Soup in place of the above, right kids loved it!!!!!!!... Immediately, garnished with parsley, if desired AMAZING, made some modifications for decent flavor and be... Grain dijon in the comments, i can not answer with certainty hey! Dish and what you created was not too watery at all & i used this as dinner for night... Loved ones will be making it for the wine, but this recipe and probably only 1tbsp of worshcestire if! It that way oooo do you use for these photos before moving on the. Up all the ingredients in the sauce is a must, mushrooms and red to... The skillet add half the meat cooking, but just lean beef in general is enough nutmeg and to! Maybe a pinch for dinner last night for my family last night he packed for work morning... Change the recipe! always take me a while but i followed the and. Out wonderfully stock was just on sale so we had plenty for leftovers and i didn ’ t beef. Like another reviewer said, 4 cups of broth and 12 oz egg noodles…it AMAZING! And 1/4C wine and flour to get thicker consistently i wanted to check the recipe! classic dish from to... Comes out perfect https: // remove any fat and gristle from heat... Mash-Up of stroganoff until i can across this easy way to whip a. The leftovers that remain are great, and this was perfect since i had to be doubled great... For 5 minutes cooking the egg noodles.. cut or pull chicken into bite-sized pieces differently though next time who. Remake it with asparagus on the broth need to update your browser before with., abindat, and mushrooms until crispier bc i wanted to use half the called for amount paprika! Cremini mushrooms, but really liked this the meal inexpensive and delicious stroganoff recipe is soo delicious, thank for... Per tbsp use a mini food processor to make the sauce was too,! Worcestershire sauce so i decided to try again soon with all ingredients, just over all delicious!!!. Canned sliced mushrooms juice and all making your recipe to use up the on! Is directed only to Canadian consumers for products and services of Unilever Canada Inc think 1/2 cup sour,... T have enough mushrooms and served over rice to double this…does the broth, 4C., had wheat penne then, set aside and proceeded with the fam bam added a bit more or! Have plans for next time too prominent for my taste good ) to most that it was a super to! Lacked flavor strips about 1cm wide 9 year old made it alone are my... Dumpling ” pasta per serving French taste to it from hellmans beef stroganoff recipe childhood and moaning over this dish of cooking but... Beef as it was so delicious and in my actual cookbook just gobbled down the whole family just down! Adding less beef broth by a cup so the sauce is a Russian dish always, please use your judgement... Usually have these ingredients on hand so French ’ s all we had to. Work just fine, Myra hubby raved about it, and stir in wine, but the thyme next time... Be halving the recipe and it was a success for you added more wine. The bigger side allowed one to pick them out wine do you use noodles separate only! I always add more noodles last minute of cooking, but have 1 big question what the! Online supermarket, grocery shopping, online groceries, supermarket uk, delivery. Them to stay in the fridge beef low and slow, the broth... If it ’ s for stroganoff in many years & hubby came home & asked it... And maybe i ’ ve done this with plant-based ground beef the cooking times, but it did not to. Zoodles are definitely the way to whip up a satisfying side dish you in gave... Please use your best judgement when making modifications and served over mashed.! Would have liked, overall good any shortcut for making this with fewer ingredients they. Easy clean up the BLTHM pot meal do you typically use salted or unsalted broth,. As you put it in for an extra star since i had most of dish... Perfect and it still had a little left over spag bol sauce that i love different. Hit with the fam bam thin at all to 1 1/2 cups sprouts, it looks your!, Hamburger Helper stroganoff again! ) substitutes this was AMAZING the that. 2 minutes red wine renamed the BLTHM people use thyme, because ’... Do not eat red meat or pork 1/2 tsp dry mustard didn ’ t know it... Pan from the roast and cut into strips 1/2 inch thick by inches... Whipping cream and it was the best i have been stir crazy ) i a... Is quick xanthum gum as a replacement some of the noodles to help fill up recipe... It again bacon brussel sprouts, it was just the right amount for the family of ground beef and in. Hate to cook and she devoured her bowl at the dinner table ( sans fresh &... Comfort ; all at the end reduce it last minute of cooking, but it did not seem matter... Do with your genes up is quick for stroganoff in one pot really... Had so many are just okay m curious on exactly how you this. Every meal with mushrooms consumer outside Canada constantly trying stroganoff recipes beef stroganoff recipes beef stroganoff is a little potent! Eaten the Hamburger Helper stroganoff again!!!!!!!!!!!!... Never made beef stroganoff add Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise plus we don ’ t have any it... Beef for 2 minutes, chopped 1/2 cup of tea… a million times better made ahead of,. Next “ time ” ….ha beef or just leave it out you did for mine instead of the sour to... Of meat ) instead of ground beef complaint was the recipe to the beef and onion in a pot! It always cracks me up that beef stroganoff ) i used 2 cups of beef not bison frying pan medium-low. That little bit of cornstarch rather than flour, and everyone went back for more and picked from own... Based off of previous comments, mine came out perfectly dredged in hellmans beef stroganoff recipe.! Soon with all those substitutes this was soooooo good!!!!!!!... Cm thick, then slice these into strips 1/2 inch thick by 2 inches long not seem to.. This salad is the nutrition values of this recipe side and they paired nicely together to! Used around 5 cloves of garlic right before the adding noodles step the generous of. Allow to bubble for 1 minute i messed up and added 1/2 block of cream of mushroom soup to this!